About us

About the Brand

Gulachin (गुलचीन) is a frangipani flower in Hindi. We are a conscious fashion label based out of Ranchi, Jharkhand. The Gulachin flower is a symbol of immortality. We connect it to the thing which always remains and revives just like culture ’the way of life’ which also revolves around nature.

At Gulachin we design products which foster a profound connection to one’s cultural heritage. A sense of belonging and connection which an individual can carry with them. A story rebuilding and redefining in a new version.

Conscious efforts

We as a team of Gulachin give our thought to from where we are getting and what we are giving. We keep in mind how the waste should be handled or recreated and then work on our collections. Our regular efforts are being made towards sustainability in every possible way.

Furthermore, we also actively seek to source our materials from weaving communities, thereby promoting and supporting the cherished tradition of handlooms. We recognize that handloom textiles are an emblem of India’s cultural heritage and take pride in our contribution to preserving and celebrating this art form.