Santhali Kalash motif Shacket


Our Santhali Kalash motif shacket seamlessly blends traditional artistry with modern fashion, featuring intricate patterns that pay homage to cultural heritage while embracing contemporary style. A symbol of pride and expression for fashion enthusiasts celebrating diversity

Fabric: Cotton


The Santhali Kalash motif shacket is a fusion of traditional Santhali artistry and modern fashion sensibilities. This unique garment showcases intricate Kalash patterns, honouring cultural heritage while embracing contemporary style. With its elegant design and cultural significance, the shacket serves as a symbol of cultural pride and artistic expression, appealing to fashion enthusiasts seeking to celebrate diversity and tradition in their wardrobe choices.

Key Features:

  •  Intricate patterns inspired by Santhali culture, representing heritage and identity.
  •  Functions as both a shirt and a jacket, providing flexibility in styling options.
  •  Made from breathable materials, offering comfort and ease of wear for various occasions.
  •  Celebrates and preserves Santhali heritage, promoting cultural diversity and awareness.
  •  Stands out as a distinctive garment, adding character and personality to any wardrobe.

Wash Care:
  • Handwash in cold water with like colours to prevent bleeding.
  • Use mild detergent to maintain fabric quality and colour vibrancy.
  • Avoid wringing the shacket to prevent from distorting the fabric.
  • Dry in shade to avoid direct sunlight, preserving fabric color and quality


Additional information


Please note that the colour of the shacket may appear different due to photography conditions.


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Santhali Kalash motif Shacket

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