“Santhali Rhythms: Vibrant Canvas of Heritage”


Santhali music, integral to the tribe’s culture, finds expression in their paintings, depicting rhythmic beats and lively dances, celebrating the rich heritage and link between music and art.

Base of Painting: Canvas board – 6″ X 8″
Colour Medium: Acrylic


Santhali music, integral to the Santhal tribe’s culture, finds artistic expression through painting. Bold strokes and vibrant colours on canvas depict the rhythmic melodies of traditional instruments, alongside lively dance forms. This fusion of visual and auditory art forms serves as a vibrant testament to the tribe’s rich cultural heritage, celebrating the intrinsic link between music, art, and life.

* Note: Painting is for sale without framing.

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Please note that the colour of the painting may appear a bit different due to photography conditions.


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"Santhali Rhythms: Vibrant Canvas of Heritage"