“Santhali Essence: Tribal Tales in Color”


Santhali painting is a vibrant art form originating from the Santhal tribes of India. It features bold colors, dynamic lines, and geometric patterns, depicting scenes from tribal life, rituals, and nature.
Base of Painting: Canvas board – 6″ X 8″
Colour Medium: Acrylic


Santhali painting is a vivid reflection of the rich cultural tapestry of the Santhal tribes, indigenous to India. It is characterised by its vibrant colours, which not only catch the eye but also symbolise the vivacity and energy inherent in Santhal culture. The dynamic lines in these paintings are not just strokes of a brush but narrate stories of the tribe’s daily life, rituals, and folklore. Geometric patterns, often inspired by nature, adorn the canvas, adding layers of symbolism and meaning to the artwork.

* Note: Painting is for sale without framing.

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Please note that the colour of the painting may appear a bit different due to photography conditions.


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"Santhali Essence: Tribal Tales in Color"